January 20, 2010

This is Camilla.

She’s just a test piece as I had a rejected head lying around.

(Click to view bigger)

I wanted to try out several things:

1. Spiky hair. I like the look of it. I put a skull cap of fimo on her and I tried attaching it to that, unfortunately it was really fiddly to attach, I couldn’t press it down. Options for doing it differently are probably super-gluing baked or unbaked pieces or modelling a complete piece. Also the spikes are far too delicate and quite a lot of them snapped, so shorter and blunter spikes might work better. Will also try mohair soon instead of fimo.

2. Nose ring. Pretty good, but I’d attach jewellery before baking next time as the model is a bit too fragile to use pliers on, in case I slip.

3. Make up. I tried painting it on using acrylics and a tiny paint brush, but it’s hard to paint that small with a steady hand. Could be impossible for me or I might just need more practice. I decided to model it in fimo instead. This make up looks really lurid and not as subtle as I would have liked, but the pneumatic lips on this head were one of the reasons it was rejected anyway.

I probably won’t be giving Camilla a body (I feel a bit guilty about that!)


2 Responses to “Camilla”

  1. dtw42 Says:

    Painting: no, it's probably not just you: I had real trouble painting the eyes, inside of mouth and tongue on a fimo model of mine. The red paint on the mouth gradually seeped too, so he now looks like he's been eating strawberry jam messily.

  2. Karen Birch Says:

    Thanks D, that helps! xx

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