Models from Last Year

January 13, 2010

I am feeling so much better today!

It’s about time I put photos of these models up.

These were made for a commission for a friend of mine called Melissa who is a talented photography student. Check out her new photography blog.

Introducing Peter & Nancy & the kids Martin and Suzy. They are made out of polymer clay (fimo).

Click on picture for a bigger one.:

I learnt so much from building these models. I need to improve my anatomy greatly and these models didn’t have any armatures which was a bad idea. All models will get armatures in future.

I found out about halfway through that multiple bakings would have been a good idea too.

I like Suzy the best (shhhhhh don’t tell the others) ‘cos I love her sandals, her flower t-shirt and her plait.

I’ll add some construction pictures here soon.


One Response to “Models from Last Year”

  1. I love Suzy too for your three reasons too, so cute (ssssh!) Aww it's nice to see the family again! Lovely work, thanks for the link and mention too. x

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