Less Than Six Months To Go

January 12, 2010

Six months to go at university.

I have absolutely no work to show for the period from the summer holiday until now and no ideas. I’ve fallen out with a tutor. I didn’t get a work placement at the right time. I can’t get my work placement tutor to speak to me. I should be in college today, but yesterday took it out of me so much I needed to hide today and lick my wounds.

Sorry to post a negative one for once, but I feel at my lowest ebb right now. My classmates had to talk me out of ditching the course yesterday, the wonderful people that they are.

On the plus side. I have a pile of research that needs compiling, a late work placement with some people who make wonderful work, a fair idea of what it is I want to do after Uni. Films to make, clay to play with. A supportive boyfriend and great family and friends who care about my well being.

Time to knuckle down.


2 Responses to “Less Than Six Months To Go”

  1. DeadCat Says:

    You'd be surprised at how similarly I feel.I've had to be talked out of dropping out several times!M x

  2. Karen Birch Says:

    Thanks Matt, apparently this is quite common in the third year.We've come a long way though haven't we? :)Kx

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