Unexpected Exhibition Series

February 12, 2009

Here are some mocked-up pictures from a fictitious proposal for the local council. The proposal outlines an idea for a series of unusually placed exhibitions around Basingstoke. These photos are my own, but any content could be exhibited if the project becomes live. I like the idea of showcasing local artists (the type that don’t mind their work getting rained on or vandalised!)

As part of the launch package I have designed some business cards which are a miniature version of the exhibition. Each exhibition would have its own different business card/mini exhibition. Click on pictures to see bigger versions.

How come when I blog mentioning Basingstoke it never comes through on my Google alerts? Just trying to ‘big-up’ the town, as the kids say. (Or more than likely, don’t).


One Response to “Unexpected Exhibition Series”

  1. Loving this idea.I came across an exhibtion in a square somewhere like Birmingham and it was so unexpected, that it was such a joy to encounter. I like your signage though, I would be intrigued.

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