New Version of Animation

November 20, 2008

New version with sound, might be the final one, oh apart from I meant to remove the comedy credits at the end and date it.


First cut of the animation

November 12, 2008

No sound yet, but I’m reasonably happy with what I’ve got here for two whole days work:

Cutting this set out of the financial times has given me a blister in a strange place (no, I’m not going to tell you where). Oh how we suffer for our art.

Suzanna with half a test tree:

The plan:

Flat Financial Times:

Folding out the set:

Suzanna has a little sit down:

Suzanna reads:

Must remember to fold the front of the bench properly when I film, for strength (it’s bending a bit there).

Filming next.

The brief is to make film based on the phrase ‘What Do You Want If You Don’t Want Money’. After spending a fair bit of time trying to remove Adam Faith from my brain, this animation idea appeared.

The star of the film is Suzanna, she’s made of plasticine and she needs a bit of remodelling as her head and legs keep falling off. I think it’s because I’ve got her leant against an outside wall and she’s getting too cold. She’s not very pretty but it’s personality that counts.

Yes I know she’s not real, but she kind of is to me as she’s been sat on my desk watching me for a couple of weeks now.