Tiny Records – Tooling

May 23, 2007

So that’s the main objects covered.

I had the best time making tiny vinyl records to put in the Joy object and here’s what happened.

I wanted to make grooves in the records and I thought that coiling wire round a cone would make the wire spiral out, but it was rubbish. I couldn’t make it work at all. I also tried winding the wire round itself, but it was still not workable.

I spent a bit of time pressing items in my house into Fimo to look for an idea and masking tape gave a good effect, so I made a tool out of a handle of a modeling tool with masking tape wrapped round. I tried pressing Fimo with it and it looked great but when I pressed the other side I lost detail so I realise I had to make another identical tool.

Pic 1 – Attempt at creating grooves with wire & cone
Pic 2 – Tool made from masking tape
Pic 3 – Tool prints
Pic 4 – Two tools pressing record


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