Fear – Part 2 (snake alert!)

May 23, 2007

Unfortunately to really see the face it needs a torch that can be shone through the grating, but just looking at it without good lighting, you can hardly see the face, although I do like the dungeony feel. I am thinking of getting a key ring torch to attach so people can look into the grating (if there’s time!).

I decided to change the body colour from turquoise to black and add a little yellow (as in fear, yellow streak etc). To counteract the darkness a bit I decided to add a colourful snake to the piece, because snakes came up on a few surveys. I removed the grating and baked the snake on top of the face

Pic 1 – The snake, black, orange and yellow fimo
Pic 2 – Snake on top of the face after baking
Pic 3 – Grating replaced


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