Latest Update

May 5, 2007

Hi there!

I’ve had some changes to my thinking about the project.

Originally I was going to make big shapes with apertures, portholes etc…then I made a tiny wooden door door and I got to thinking that I could have a lot of fun with the apertures, so I am going to make a series of apertures. Windows, doors, gratings etc…I want to put real glass in so I need to test it in the oven. I bought a glass cutter today. One of our framed pictures will be sacrificed to the god of projects (just as our wooden stash box was sacrificed to make the tiny door. I am in so much trouble for trashing our stuff . ‘Oh god, what have you used now?’ etc.., but it is for the guilt object, I suppose, so it fits, ha ha ha!)

Behind the apertures will be a series of miniature things. Things that sum up, or represent emotions for me or engender a certain emotion in me.

The first sacrifice to the god of projects:


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