Guilt – Part 2

May 5, 2007

So I had to rethink this object. I discussed hinge options with my other half and he suggested a pin, which is better than the idea I had to make little proper hinges. So I snipped down two pins and pushed them into the frame top and bottom and through the door.

Next I built a box out of black card and lined it again with fabric. I attached the frame & door to the box. Then I purple Fimoed the outside of the box. I haven’t decided if I want to bulk out the outside some more. It could probably do with a bit more for strength.

I baked it but the fabric discoloured in the oven! So I lined it again in red felt this time. The fabric was too dark anyway in the end. While it was baking I wrote a tiny letter and made an envelope to go in the box. The stamp on it is only 4mm wide. The words in the letter are for people I feel guilty about hurting in the past. I also had a key that I’ve kept to go in there, symbolising locking guilt away. I’ll probably redo the letter as I bought some nicer paper today.

Pic 1 – new door object
Pic 2 – tiny letter, envelope and key
Pic 3 – letter and key in felt lined cavity


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