Guilt – Part 1

May 5, 2007

So the object I’ve been working on the last couple of days is the guilt object. I thought ‘door’ Lots of guilty secrets behind doors. I feel guilt about trashing the box, which our friends Stewart & Sarah gave us and who suggest I paint it up all arty….about 6 years ago. I feel guilt for not painting it and guilt for smashing it up (although it is now fulfilling it’s artistic destiny!). I feel guilt about what we used to keep in it and guilt about wasting my life on that. I feel guilt that I never asked my other half if it was alright to smash up the box.

About the construction:
I made a tiny little door out of the balsa wood box. I carved out the panels both sides and used a yellow plastic pin as a door handle. I embedded the metal of the pin in the wood on the other side. I made a frame out of four bits of wood which I mitred and glued together with wood glue.

Pics 1 & 2 – carving the door & gluing the frame

Next I took a polystyrene ball and carved out a box shape. I tried to line the box shape with some old plastic backed velvety box liner I had but it didn’t really fit and I didn’t have enough so I used some fabric instead.

Pic 1 – polystyrene ball
Pic 2 – ball with frame fitted
Pic 3 – ball with velvet lining
Pic 4 – ball with fabric lining and door held on by masking tape. I hadn’t thought about how to join the door at this point.

The next thing I did was to cover the polystyrene ball in foil and then purple Fimo. I put it in the oven and disaster! The polystyrene had shrank and I didn’t realise and crushed the object when I picked it up.

Pic 1- coating the ball in Fimo
Pics 2 & 3 – shrunken polystyrene (great band name!)


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