Final Major Project….Update 1

April 30, 2007

Colours: I’ve been doing a lot of research into colour and the colours people associate with emotions. I’ve asked most people that I know what colour they think various emotions are and not everybody agrees. So either I will go with the majority view or just go with what I think.

Materials: I’ve researched various modeling clays and have bought some Fimo (cured by oven baking) and some Plasticroc (air cured). This site has exhaustive info about using polymer clays. This actual page was useful as I am a bit concerned about baking the clays in the oven where we cook our Sunday roast! I will be using bicarbonate of soda to hopefully absorb the smells. I have also been collecting various items for a while that I want to use to make the objects, bits of metal and plastic etc..I’ll post some pictures later.

Packaging: Originally I was going to make boxes as I was really sad to lose my boxes in the 12 Objects Project and wanted to make some more. But a tutor suggested jars and I thought that was a better idea. I’ve spoken to my lovely friend Sandra Callowhill, who is a glass designer and maker. She is putting me in touch with somebody who can custom blow me some glass jars (if he has time). Here’s the sketch I did for the jars:


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