First preliminary drawing of an object that repesents an emotion.

Colours: I’ve been doing a lot of research into colour and the colours people associate with emotions. I’ve asked most people that I know what colour they think various emotions are and not everybody agrees. So either I will go with the majority view or just go with what I think.

Materials: I’ve researched various modeling clays and have bought some Fimo (cured by oven baking) and some Plasticroc (air cured). This site has exhaustive info about using polymer clays. This actual page was useful as I am a bit concerned about baking the clays in the oven where we cook our Sunday roast! I will be using bicarbonate of soda to hopefully absorb the smells. I have also been collecting various items for a while that I want to use to make the objects, bits of metal and plastic etc..I’ll post some pictures later.

Packaging: Originally I was going to make boxes as I was really sad to lose my boxes in the 12 Objects Project and wanted to make some more. But a tutor suggested jars and I thought that was a better idea. I’ve spoken to my lovely friend Sandra Callowhill, who is a glass designer and maker. She is putting me in touch with somebody who can custom blow me some glass jars (if he has time). Here’s the sketch I did for the jars:

To begin this Blog proper as it is especially for my Final Major Project, here is my statement of intent (or project brief, if you prefer), which outlines my starting point:


I have come to understand that graphic design involves constant decision making, about the processes and systems, materials and methods to be used. I have learnt how important it is to document your own processes, thoughts and ideas, so you can refer back to them at a later date. In terms of tools, I am now able to produce a film using stills and video cameras and edit the film with iMovie. I know how to produce and bind a book using book cloth. I can develop a typeface using any source material available. I am able to screenprint.


I’ve always been very interested in anything printed; packaging, books, record covers, posters. I was involved in producing a punk zine in the late ’70s. I am particularly inspired by paper engineering and origami, poster art, 1930’s travel posters, Atelier Populaire/Situationist posters. I am fascinated by miniature items. Going forward, I want to make beautiful collectible printed items out of paper and card. I would like to produce interesting books. I will continue to learn about typography and elements of design and layout. I intend to find ways of minimising damage to the environment in terms of waste and the materials I use.


The aim of my project is to produce a set of packaged objects that represent different emotional states. To achieve this I will design and make objects and design, print and construct packaging boxes to contain the objects. I will include inside the box a leaflet that I have written and printed with information about the emotion.

I will research and compile a list of different emotions and devise a system to determine the colour and shape of the emotional object, including conducting a survey to ascertain other people’s ideas of what the colour and shape of the emotions should be. I will investigate as many different materials and methods for the construction of the objects, boxes and leaflet as I can in the time allotted.

I will produce drawings by hand and in Illustrator to design the objects and the box graphics and I intend to screen print the leaflet and the designs onto the boxes. I will ensure that all the pieces that make up each individual package have a consistent design and that it is clear that all the packages belong to a set.

After my research I will need to obtain all the materials I have chosen to make all the items by the project deadline. I will need to supply the artwork for screenprints to the print workshop according to my schedule and ensure I can access the print workshop when I need to. I will print three sets to allow for any possible cutting or printing problems.