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March 7, 2007

12 objects
On 1st March I started putting boxes out in the street on the way to the train station in the morning. When I got to the two outside the police station. Instead of placing them I bottled it and went inside to discuss it with them. I asked if they minded putting two pieces of art outside the police station. The male officer said ‘no, I don’t think we want that here’. I explained further. The female officer said that since it was litter they couldn’t condone it as littering was an offence. Then she asked what course I was doing and wished me luck.

I carried on to the train station and placed/photographed the other boxes and went to college. On the way back in the afternoon I looked for the boxes. Only one was still there in town (the bottle top). I put the two police station boxes out, but not together as I found them. I put one of them at the other side of the entrance so they were not together. The ones on my estate had also gone.

As of today (7th March) all the boxes have gone and I have had no feedback sadly. I am starting to put the work onto my website here, but it’s still in progress.

Paris Project
Finished the box but it ended up being cardboard instead of plywood. The wood was too thin to glue into the shape I wanted and also the vacuum form we tried to make just would not form properly. I made the screenprint out of a line art of one of my photos and printed a selection of cards and wood. I’ll put the project here when I get a moment.

Typography Project
Finished. Made some giant models for my portoflio. I’ll put the project here when I get a moment.

Heart health. I’ve logged my healthy/not healthy activities by day.
Am sewing hearts onto pin-tuck fabric which already has squares. The more red the heart is, the healthier I am. The more black it is, the less healthy I am. Not much time to get it finished!

50 Cracked Paving Slabs Book
I was encouraged to cover the book (by JB) and it was successful. So pleased I did it. Although I want to replace the inkjet label with screenprint as any splash of liquid will make it run.

The Word
Not done very much at all on this (due to portfolio preparation) , so have to catch up on it before next week and our assessments. Do have a huge list of words to choose from as we make up words all the time in our house!

Final Major Project
My idea is to make items made out of sculpey to represent an emotion, write a letter describing the emotion, make shredded packaging material with sentences conveying the emotion. make a box/seal to contain the item.

BA in Graphic Design
I’m delighted to say I’ve accepted a place on the BA in Graphic Design at Camberwell. Can’t believe the foundation is nearly over already!