Current Projects

February 3, 2007

100 project (Xmas project)
10 drawings done, but late too late for crit. Plan to do other 90 and then put in a 10×10 advent calendar type affair…..100 doors…maybe

Paris Project:
Finished but want to put in an Eiffel tower shaped box. Also too late for crit.

Finished but want to put in a font making program and also make some models of the letters. Need to finish sketchbook.

12 Objects
Have picked up/photographed 12 objects in street, enduring strange looks from passers by. Plan to package each in a beautiful box before returning to the place I got them. Intend to include a letter with letterhead that matches the label on the box saying it’s an art project and including my email address to see if anyone gets back to me. May lino cut for the label/letterhead

Two of the boxes will be placed outside the police station, will that be a problem? Especially in light of this, although there will be no LEDs in mine and they will be small.
I could ask if it is okay but they might say no. So I won’t.

1 minute film:
Would love to do, if I get time. But we have to do either this or the 12 Objects so probably won’t do it.

Really worried, can’t get an idea and time is passing. (LOL just noticed I mis-spelt this as Calandarcock. Freudian slip or what? :D)


  1. How do I mark time? Cups of tea, sleeping, showering
  2. 24 hour clock, what could I conceivably be doing at any point in 24 hours? Only sure that probably would be asleep between 4-5am otherwise could be doing many things.
  3. That’s it for now :-/

Hmmmm, dunno….

See ya later


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